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Combating counterfeits, diversion, and fraud issues for business and governments

Sekuworks excels in the secure manufacturing of:

Our intaglio and hologram authentication labels provide positive identification of products and assets to detect and deter counterfeiting. Combined with our QR track and trace system we solve, diversion, gray market, and supply chain issues.

Sekuworks brand protection and security expertise expands beyond our wide range of authentication products. We understand the interaction between product, packaging, marketing, supply chain, and the consumer to provide the correct security solution.

Commercial Products

The attacks directed at your organization and its assets are unique. We combat fraud by providing labels, tapes, seals, and document products as part of your asset protection program.

We listen, providing components or design, and deploy a brand protection program specific to
your goals and needs.

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Government Products

Our Northern Bank Note division brings over 100 years of experience to the design and production of Security Paper, Vital Records, Stocks & Bonds, MCOs, Visas, Tax Stamps, Certificates, Secure Stationery, Labels, Seals & Tapes. We provide authentication and tamper indication to protect a wide range of assets.

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